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How we can help

SSG have vast experience when it comes to supporting marketing students with their exam preparation and revision. Whether you need help dissecting the syllabus as a whole or you are getting stuck with specific details, we can help.


Prices start from £55 + VAT and initial advice is FREE.


New to CIM? Our resources section has FREE articles, downloads & general advice.


Worried about exam technique? We provide advice & can set & mark a mock exam.


Need general advice? Call us for a chat or try our web-based or email resources


Keen to know what might trip you up in exams? Try our diagnostic quizzes.

Distance learning revision programme

This is a complete email-based revision course with phone support. This programme lets you focus on the practical application of syllabus content. It also allows you to:

  • Study at times and locations that suit you
  • Be ‘nicely-nagged’ - your Tutor will be keeping track of where you are in your schedule
  • Email your Tutor for more work if you are ahead of schedule
  • Get a mock exam paper marked by an SSG Tutor (who is also a CIM Examiner)

See dates and fees for this Distance Learning Programme


Programme structure

The course consists of 10 modules. It is designed to be completed over 5-10 weeks with each module requiring 3-5 hours of study. Students with more time may complete it sooner. Each module includes:

  • Directed reading – the relevant pages/chapters from the CIM core texts
  • Exercises/tasks designed to bring textbook theory to life. If you wish your exercises to be marked by a SSG Tutor, we would be delighted. However this is not included in the course fees and will be charged at the normal tutorial rate. Please call us for details.
  • List of recent CIM exam questions relevant to each syllabus topic
  • Examiner’s hints and tip


The course kicks off with a diagnostic quiz to help you identintify your strengths and weakneses within each topic. You can then plan further revision for those areas of weaker knowledge.


Your SSG Tutor will agree a revision schedule with you when you sign up and will then send you the first module by email. He or she will then contact you before emailing the 2nd module – and so on.


The course finishes with a mock exam. This will be marked by your SSG Tutor and includes detailed feedback on your performance, the additional information required to achieve an A grade pass and recommended next steps.


Please note our Distance Learning Programme focuses on the CIM’s core text books, which cover most, but not all of the knowledge that the CIM Examiners are seeking to test.

Diagnostic quizzes

Certificate in Professional Marketing and Diploma in Professional Marketing Quizzes available; call Caroline on 01784 463057 or email: to receive them FREE of charge.




Integrated Communications

Customer Experience

Digital Marketing



Strategic Marketing

Mastering Metrics

Driving Innovation

Digital Strategy

The above 8 quizzes are available if you call Caroline on 01784 463057 or email me at - I can email you the quiz for your forthcoming CIM exam or assignment.

Don’t wait until exam day to find out how well you know your stuff:

Whether you’ve just started revising or just finished, CIM revision experts can’t recommend these quizzes highly enough. However much or however little revision you’ve done, diagnostic quizzes can help you make the most of every remaining minute.

Just started revising?

Pinpoint the chunks of the syllabus where your knowledge is thinnest and focus your revision accordingly.

Just finished revising?

If you’ve already done most of your revision, check how much you’ve absorbed and test your power of recall. Give yourself a confidence boost due to your high score or give yourself a reality check due to poor performance – better now than on exam results day.

To do a quiz, please email or call us on 01784 463057 and we will send you the quiz FREE of CHARGE. Hurry, this offer may not last for ever.

Q. How will my quiz results help me?


We’ll send you:

  • identification of correct answers
  • identification of incorrect answers and highlighting of correct answers
  • a scored summary of your quiz performance, arranged by syllabus chunk
  • percentage score of your quiz performance, arranged by syllabus chunk
  • total percentage score and feedback

Q. How many quizzes are there and how many can I do?


There are four quizzes at Certificate and Diploma level. Each quiz covers each chunk of the syllabus at a fairly detailed level. You can do as many quizzes as you need. Many students even repeat a diagnostic quiz to see how much their knowledge has improved over time.

Allow yourself at least 15 minutes per quiz – the questions are quite in-depth and will require some consideration.

Q. How much do the quizzes cost?


These quizzes were incredibly good value at £10 each (+ VAT) but are currently FREE OF CHARGE. Call me or email to request your quiz.

Q. How do I get started?


Email or call me on 01784 463057 to request your free quiz. Good luck!

Case Study Programmes


Pick And Mix Exam Support Package:

  • Diagnostic quiz to check your syllabus knowledge (FREE)
  • Case Study Briefing (to get you started)
  • 4-6 Page Proposal Draft (to check you understand the brief)
  • 4-6 Page Feedback From Us (suggested improvements and useful tips)
  • Case study Exam Technique Briefing (hints and tips to help you pass)
  • Case study Mock Exam With Feedback (to check you are up to CIM standard)


Exam revision

What can you do with the remaining days and hours to maximise your chances of getting your best exam result? Take a few for sleep, take a few for work and play, then pick and mix from our range of support services above which are designed to suit your budget, your available time and your study needs. Go to our dates and fees page for more info.

One-to-one telephone tutorials.


Phone-based, one-to-one tutorials give you access to expert advice and experience that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Tutorials work beautifully over the telephone, allowing you to explore even the trickiest subject and ask the questions you want answered.


Tutorials are ideal for both Exam and Assignment students. You can use a telephone tutorial for:


Virtual tutorials for Assignment students:

  • understanding the syllabus
  • CIM marking standards
  • your assignment brief assignment tasks
  • help to get you started, get you unstuck and get you finished on time


Virtual tutorials for Exam students:

  • revision planning
  • breaking down the syllabus
  • expert guidance and motivational support
  • difficult subject areas
  • exam technique


Tutorial fees are based on duration and start from just £15 for a quarter-hour tutorial. They generally are around an hour long so are priced at £50+vat. Please call us to discuss tutorials. We can provide support that fits your budget and your study needs.


Group teleconferences


Telephone-based workshops are fast becoming a favourite among CIM students. Hundreds of students have passed CIM exams never having seen what we actually look like! When you're trying to fit 80 hours of study into 5 weeks, travelling any distance can seem too challenging, especially when you can get expert tutor-led guidance over the telephone.


Focus the mind

There’s nothing like the telephone for focussing the mind on a topic. A single hour on the telephone with a skilled tutor and like-minded students can be just as intense and in-depth as a full day in the classroom. So, as part of a month-long programme of weekly telephone sessions, our virtual workshops really do keep your revision going and help you pass. Our tutors set up appointments with you for all your telephone sessions, so your revision schedule has a clear, managed structure with milestones to work towards.


Fuel the spirit

Being able to share and compare revision progress is something many students find invaluable. Telephone workshops make for fun and fruitful discussions as many students find themselves contributing more confidently and asking more questions than when in a face-to-face situation.


Exam Sessions


We think of our sessions as revision vitamins: conveniently packaged capsules for quick consumption and easy digestion. They are jam-packed with essential info-nutrients for maximum study vitality. You can take as many or as few as you need.

We’ve created two kinds of support. Choose one or choose them all. Or call us to help you decide.


Syllabus crammer
To increase your CIM subject syllabus knowledge and understanding. These sessions let you grab your whole syllabus by the collar and shake it until its pennies rattle. This intensive format aims to condense key theory into exam and assignment-critical, need-to-know nuggets. Crammer tutorials are ideal for revitalising your subject knowledge, especially if you’ve missed a few lectures or if you’re getting ready to retake. Great for boosting your confidence as you head towards exams and assignment deadlines with an ‘I’ve got it covered’ feeling.


Exam Prep Tutorials
Structured, logical and perfectly paced so you can absorb and retain dozens of subject-specific exam tips. Expert tutor-led tour in and around the mind of the CIM Examiner. What key things is he/she looking for in every exam answer? Come exam day you’ll be in no doubt what to expect. Dissect the questions and brush up on exam lingo to avoid misinterpreting them. Learn answer-planning and time-management techniques to make the most of your 180 minutes under the Examiner’s spotlight. That’s just 10,800 seconds to impress…. The tutorials are peppered with practical exam questions and mini-case studies. We will show you how to magic theory off the page and bring it to life with examples and applications. Exam Prep Tutorials are run for each subject at Certificate, Diploma and PostGrad Diploma level.

Mock Exams


Are you up to CIM exam standard for Marketing Principles; Marketing; Strategic Marketing, Analysis and Decision - Practise Practise Practise!

Even the best students make mistakes when it comes to exam technique. Your revision can equip you with a flawless knowledge of theory and a good repertoire of examples but you can still fail to impress the CIM examiner if you don’t get the balance right in your exam answers. There's a tried and tested formula for the producing great exam answers; practise practise practise.

That’s where mock exams prove indispensable.

  • 3 hour Full Mock exam
  • Part-mock exam


Full-Mock exam

The SSG Full-Mock exam will improve your actual exam performance by helping you:

  • Scan the paper to see which questions are likely to gain you the most marks
  • Select which questions to answer to earn most marks
  • Avoid common exam mistakes – including running out of time
  • Practise time management and decide how many minutes to allocate to each part
  • Break down long CIM questions, interpreting them correctly and planning your answers
  • Adapt your examples to given scenarios and applying appropriate marketing theory
  • Identify if and where further revision is required

How the Full-Mock exam works:
We email you a past CIM exam paper, you then complete the whole paper according to the included instructions. To benefit fully from the exercise you should ensure you take no longer than three hours.

Complete your answers in a Word document so that you can email it back to us. It may be difficult for you to reproduce marketing models or diagrams using Word, so in their place just provide a note explaining how you would apply any models or diagrams.

Once completed, email your completed Word document back to us and we forward it to one of our CIM subject tutors. The tutor will then mark your paper and email you back with critical and constructive feedback. Turnaround times can be subject to some delay close to CIM exams as our Tutors receive a lot of papers to mark. Every effort will be made to mark and return your Mock exam within three working days (Mon-Fri).

To book: Please call Caroline on 01784 463057 (debit/credit cards welcome). Once you’ve made your booking we will email you your exam question and provide detailed instructions.

CIM Exams


Marketing Principles; Marketing; Strategic Marketing, Analysis and Decision


When are the exams?

CIM exams/assignments now take place 3 times a year: usually in the 1st week of April, July and December. Morning exams usually begin at 9.30am and afternoon exams begin at 2pm. Exams last for 3 hours.


Where do the exams take place?

You will normally sit your exams at the college where you’ve been studying.

The CIM allocates Distance Learners with an exam venue near your home (or if you gave The CIM your work address, near your workplace). If you have any special requests about where you sit your exams you should call The CIM on 01628 427120 as soon as possible since exam venues are booked several weeks in advance.


What can I take into the exams with me?

Pencil case. Calculators. Medication. Water. 4 page Analysis documents. Foregin/English language dictionary.


When and how will I get my results?

The CIM will make your results available middle of June (for April assessments), September (for June assessments), and Febraury (for December assessments). Your results will be sent to you by post and usually emailed direct to your CIM-registered email account.  Or you can access them online on the CIM website. You will need to have logged into the CIM website and have obtained your password. The CIM will provide you with advice and information on your next steps.

Put your exam demons to rest

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