Our Students

Are you like Catherine, Jeremy or Sunita?

Every student has a different approach to their CIM studies, depending on their lifestyle, their job, their personality. Here we look at three very different SSG student types. Which one are you?

We take no credit for the ability and application of our students but we’re proud to accept the thanks they give us for supporting their CIM success.  We simply helped them get where they were going.


Catherine Worswick gained her Professional Postgraduate Diploma in 2006. She won The Institute’s Top Student Award as well as the Award for Highest Mark in the Analysis and Evaluation module.

Catherine already had her Certificate and Professional Diploma under her belt.  She had planned her Professional Postgraduate studies well in advance and despite working full-time for Wildlife and Wetlands Trust, she prioritised her exam preparations and worked extremely hard.

Early on, Catherine booked herself onto Syllabus and Exam prep workshops using the SSG website. She wanted to give herself a revision routemap and a benchmark as her studies progressed and to check it was in line with current CIM standards. Catherine says she also wanted to stretch herself and her abilities as far as she could. And she did!

"Fantastic tutors, great workshops over 2 years, thank you!”


Jeremy Elliot had already failed his Professional PG Diploma once and called SSG for help. He was highly committed to his CIM studies and determined to pass but worried about making the same mistakes again.

He called SSG one evening and spoke to Caroline for half an hour or so. Caroline suggested Jeremy start by seeing the CIM Examiners' Report for clues as to why he had failed. She also recommended some diagnostics to see what his strong and weak syllabus points currently were.

Caroline advised Jeremy to book a telephone tutorial with one of our brilliant CIM subject experts and between them they worked out an 12-week plan that would take Jeremy right up to exam week in a calm and composed manner.  Very Caroline!

Jeremy called Caroline again 2 or 3 times in the run up to exams for further support and to book onto a couple of workshops.  SSG regularly emailed Jeremy with simple study tips and reminders about his upcoming London revision Workshops.  Jeremy gained his Diploma last year.

“Real practical help just when you need it. The extended hours telephone helpline was invaluable. SSG really kept me on track.”


As a Senior Buyer for A Retailer in Dublin, Sunita Baxter was away on business one week in every six. She was also dedicated to an equally demanding family of two young boys and a husband.

She’d managed to keep up with Certificate coursework via distance learning but realised that as her Assignment deadline approached she was not going to make it.  With just two weeks to go before hand-in deadline, and in a panic, Sunita emailed SSG for an urgent quick-fix.

By return of email, we sent Sunita a time and a date for an hour long, one-to-one Assignment Tutorial by telephone. All she had to was email us questions about her half-finished assignment for our subject-specialist Tutor to discuss during the intensive support session.

Sunita came off the phone after the Tutorial with a clear idea of what she needed to do to complete her assignment on time and up to CIM scratch. The following week she finally submitted her work on time and with a huge sigh of relief.

“This tutorial saved my skin. Thanks for coming through at the last minute”.

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