Useful Links

Useful links

Website fed by 800 BBC journalists and updated 40 million times a day!

World class world business news source

A regularly updated source of podcasts from a range of expert commentators and writers

The world’s leading search engine

Dictionary of management jargon

E-marketing-Glossary Comprehensive eMarketing glossary

Worlds leading Institute for marketing professionals

Helping studying members get the most from their professional membership

Local events and news updates from your local CIM team

A leading UK magazine for marketing jobs, marketing news, opinion and information.

Delivering business insights online & jobs

eMarketing Magazine for the latest marketing news and information including a daily showcase of user-generated spoofs of commercials that have appeared on UK TV

Emarketing website by Peppers & Rogers group consulting (relationship marketing & loyalty models)
Info on e-Mags, blogs etc

Good site for teaching and learning eMarketing


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